Folsom, California
Not resolved

I want to thank everyone for their honest reviews. It is VERY clear that this company is no good.

Our realtor paid for a home warranty when we purchased our home. Our garbage disposal went out and I am just not willing to take a gamble and pay the 75.00 service charge with no guarantee that they will fix it. I would rather pay a few extra dollars and just have my husband replace it. It sounds like this company needs to be shut down!

I had a bad experience with this company several years ago when my mom moved into her place. The microwave installed over the range was brand new, never used and Was installed by properly owner weeks prior. It caught on fire when she was popping a bag of popcorn a week after moving in. They said she caused the fire because of food build up, which was a lie.

This was her second time using the microwave!

There was NOTHING, NO build up in the microwave! I called the company but hung up when I started reading the reviews.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fidelity National Home Warranty Warranty.

Reason of review: I don’t feel comfortable using your service based on your terrible reviews.

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