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Signed up with FNHW in 2017. In Aug 2018, just before my renewal date, the water pressure regulator went out.

The plumber said his company worked with FNHW. I called them and stated that I wanted his company and there was no problem. I then asked the plumber to try and drain the water heater (which had never been done in the 10 years since my house was built). No surprise, he couldn't get it and said I needed a new heater.

Another call to FNHW and not only did they cover it, they added this claim to the previous pressure regulator claim so that I wouldn't need another co-pay.

Now it may be fortunate that I live in a rural area and the service providers are limited. I also stated when making these claims that my policy was up for renewal and my renewal would depend on how these claims were handled.

Forward to now 2019, I'm up for renewal again and so far all is well, although I am in a wait and see mode with my A/C. Both the next door and across the street neighbors (both original owners) just had their A/C units replaced. One was done by my A/C company and he informed me that he no longer does any home warranty work because the companies are to difficult to work with.

My unit just happened to konk out at the same time but fortunately, it only needed a capacitor replaced. Since I'm also an original owner and the unit is 11 years old, it's a matter of time before it goes out. I love the A/C company but if it does go, there is another service company in town that will deal with warranty companies. I hate to take business away from my fav company, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

My only bad issue with FNHW is that between the plumber and myself making calls, we were on hold for 1 hr each time, which cost us taking an entire week to get the jobs done.

Fortunately, the plumber let it slip that he liked Dr. Pepper and since I had a fridge full, I kept him in a pretty good mood through the ordeal (LOL)

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Larry Taylor
Home Improvement Expert
The FNHW faq page states that their home warranty policy is effective for one year upon receipt of payment. You may renew your home warranty by logging in to your account and renew online or by calling their Inbound Sales Department at 1-800-862-6837.

Please note that their service work is guaranteed (without an additional service fee) for 30 days on labor and 90 days on parts.

The 30-day guarantee only applies to malfunctions, which are reported to FNHW during the term of your valid contract. If you need any assistance, you may try to contact FNHW Customer Support directly via the Contacts tab on Pissed Consumer.